6 Tips to Create and Publish a Killer Article on LinkedIn

6 Ways to Create and Publish a Killer Article on LinkedIn

by Jeff Bullas

In February last year, LinkedIn gave every member in the U.S. the ability to publish posts on LinkedIn – and the response was swift and enthusiastic. In fact just recently, LinkedIn reached more than one million posts.

Now since LinkedIn wants each one of more than 330 million members to be able to share their insights with other professionals across the globe, they’ve taken another big step toward that goal as they expand the ability to publish on LinkedIn to all members in English-speaking countries. Continue reading

How Important Will Content Marketing Be in 2015?

content marketing 2015

by Julia McCoy

Now that we are in the start of a brand new year, you might be asking yourself what marketing tactics you will implement for your brand in 2015. You know about all of the Internet marketing techniques, from social media marketing to building links. However, content marketing has been buzzing as a top-notch marketing strategy for quite a while now, and the hype has yet to fade away. Maybe there is something to this content marketing thing after all? Continue reading

How Small Sales Teams Can Maximize Sales Navigator Effectiveness in Just 30 Minutes a Day

How Small Sales Teams Can Maximize Sales Navigator

by Koka Sexton

Growing a Bonsai tree requires a great deal of skill and patience. There are no shortcuts. There are only best practices that, when followed regularly, help the tree become more magnificent with each passing year.

Social sellers don’t flourish overnight either. Rather, gradual growth is achieved when sales pros routinely perform the right social selling activities. These activities can be divided into three areas of focus: Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Sales Prospects Smile

sales lead generation prospect

by Alex Hisaka

In a competitive selling environment, efficient sales lead generation is critically important for sales pros. And one of the best ways to convert sales prospects into ready-to-buy leads is to get them to like you. Read on to discover five ways to make sales prospects happy – straight from the social selling practitioners here at LinkedIn. Continue reading

Avoiding LinkedIn Certain No No’s


by Michael Cohn

LinkedIn is an amazing social media tool that can be extremely effective for businesses. However, just like it is for all social media channels, there are certain rules and guidelines that you have a responsibility to follow. On the flip side, there are some things that you should not do when interacting on LinkedIn. Continue reading

LinkedIn Activity: Trying to Manage the Virtually Unmanageable

linkedin activity

by Courtney Hunt

This article attempts to help intermediate and advanced LinkedIn users understand how their LinkedIn activity is broadcast and shared with other users, and provides recommendations for the best approaches to managing that activity within LinkedIn’s constraints. It provides a comparable assessment and recommendations for filtering and managing other people’s LinkedIn activity as well. Continue reading