3 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business Through LinkedIn

grow business linkedin

by Alex Pirouz

Do you struggle to generate quality leads consistently?

Are you finding it hard to stand out in the marketplace and get your message in front of key decision-makers?

Or perhaps you’ve tried several marketing strategies such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads or search engine optimization and haven’t yet achieved the return on investment you were hoping for? Continue reading

Professional LinkedIn Profile Tips: A Checklist of 17 Must-Have Items


By Neal Schaffer

LinkedIn continues to evolve at a fast pace – but is your profile still stuck in pre-2013 times? I’ve blogged about LinkedIn profile mistakes as well as LinkedIn profile inbound marketing tips and LinkedIn profile tips for 2013. It’s been 9 months since that last post and it’s time to provide you all an update aligned with all of LinkedIn’s changes this year. Continue reading

Content Marketing Lessons for Business Owners


by Gregor Schmidt

Content Marketing Is More Than A Buzzword!

Content marketing is one of the digital marketing buzzwords of the day. I am sure you have heard of it! Virtually every online marketing agency is telling business owners that “Content is King!” But many business owners and marketers completely misunderstand this strategy, or simply implement it incorrectly. In other words, they need some content marketing lessons! Continue reading

Using LinkedIn For Effective B2B Lead Generation

linkedin b2b lead generation

by Rick Whittington

Many B2B marketers think that LinkedIn and other social media platforms are an ineffective tool for lead generation, opting instead to spend all their time and money at trade shows and advertising in trade publications. But LinkedIn, especially for B2B companies, can be a very effective tool to get new people to your website and drive awareness of your company. Continue reading

What are the main changes to LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups

by LinkedIn Help Center

New Groups Features
What are the main changes to LinkedIn Groups?

We want everyone to get the most out of every visit to LinkedIn Groups. To that end, we’ve simplified several group features to ensure that groups will always be the most trustworthy place for you to gather with like-minded professionals. The new Groups changes will make sure that the LinkedIn experience is easier to understand and navigate for all members. Continue reading

15 Tips for Compelling Company Updates on LinkedIn

15 Tips for Compelling Company Updates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has evolved into a platform for content marketing. With more than 364 Million members worldwide, professionals are using LinkedIn to become great at what they do by seeking and sharing insights. On LinkedIn, marketers are able to build relationships with professionals by using accurate targeting to share relevant content. Continue reading

Top Sales Performer – Sales Training Tips in Lehman’s Terms

Top Sales Performer - Sales Training Tips in Lehman's Terms

Here is a video sales training series from Doug Lehman that looks at skill and qualities of top sales performers. Simply put, what makes them excel at sales with video brand ambassador Doug Lehman. This video series looks at B2B Sales, Sales Training, Presentation Styles, Creating Customer Value, Social Selling, Referral selling and personal development training for sales. Continue reading

21 Tips For Writing Emails Your Audience Can’t Wait to Open


by Marya Jan

Do you want to write emails that get a ton of opens, great engagement and are a joy to write? Do you want to send emails that your readers forward to other people? In this blog post, I am going to give you my best tips on how to write emails that are simply brilliant. Emails that will have your readers looking forward to receiving more.

Emails that have a call-to-action – people are happy to execute. Let’s get straight into it! Continue reading

Get Your Score: LinkedIn Makes the Social Selling Index Available for Everyone

Social Selling Index (SSI)

by Lauren Mullenholz

See how you stack up against the competition and share your SSI with your network today.

The Social Selling Index (SSI) has been an important tool for sales professionals who want to go beyond social selling activities and measure how those individual efforts add up. We know that social selling is a vital component of success for many sales organizations: salespeople who excel at social selling are creating more opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit quota. It is because of this massive potential that measurement of social selling efforts is all the more important. Empowering salespeople with the knowledge of where they stand with social selling can help them set clear goals and inspire them to become a better social seller. Today we’re excited to announce that SSI is available to anyone interested in understanding and improving their social selling efforts. Continue reading